Fall 2021 – Registration Open

We are especially looking forward to getting back to training in the dojo this fall! We have a schedule and times booked. We will be starting back in the Dojo on Tuesday September 14th. We are excited to train with both past and new students and can once again increase class size and participate fully in all aspects of our karate training of basics and kata but now once again including pad work, partner work and sparring.

As of now (Aug 17th) there are no provincial health mandates regarding Covid-19 for sport. All instructors are fully vaccinated and we will continue with class sign in for contract tracing but at this time no additional measures will be taken. We will stay up to date on all provincial recommendations and mandates and recognize that our policies could change at any time going forward.

I hope everyone is enjoying summer and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Sensei Jon and Sensei Kaeli