Regular Session is underway!

It is great to be back. Classes started on Sept 12th this term. We are still accepting new students. Please make sure you have signed up online. Fees are Due in October. Looking forward to a great year!

Just For Kicks (March / April 2023)

The second session of Just for Kicks will start on Tuesday March 7th and run for 6 weeks ending on April 18th (with no class on April 11th) This will finish the week of our club tournament on Saturday the 22nd allowing a special modified competition, for the Just for Kicks Class, on the tournament day !

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City Wide Registration

Melfort Karate Club will be at the City Wide Registration on September 1st from 5:30-8:00pm at the KVC. Stop by and check out our club or just say hi!

2021 Start Up Information

Welcome to our 2021/22 Melfort Karate season, we are so excited to welcome everyone back to the dojo.

Please read this whole letter for updated procedures and important information.

Classes start Tuesday September 14th and will run weekly.  Last class is Tuesday December 14th.

Classes follow the school schedule.  There will be no karate classes on school holidays.

Class times: White/Yellow 6-7pm  /  Advanced Class (orange and up) 7-8:30pm.

Please do not drop off students more than 5 min before class start time.  All students should arrive dressed in their Gi (uniform) and be ready to participate.  Uniforms are not required for the first class.  

If you do not have a uniform a t-shirt and shorts or sweats is fine. Please arrive promptly to pick up students after class.

*All updates and announcements regarding karate classes will be sent out via the Remind App. 

Please ensure you sign up for Remind as soon as possible* 

The health and safety of participants is important to us.

DO NOT come to class if you are feeling unwell.  Students experiencing any symptoms outlined on the Government of Saskatchewan self-assessment form will be sent home.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 recommendations by public health and changes to policy may occur with little notice. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about health and safety during karate class.  At this time, please remind students of the following:

  • There is no water fountain available, all students must bring their own water bottle to every class.
  • Everyone entering the facility must use the provided hand sanitizer.
  • Though masking is not mandatory, instructors will be masking during class.  It is strongly recommended that students and spectators wear a mask as well since case numbers and community transmission in the Melfort area is currently high.
  • Attendance will be taken at each class for participants and spectators so we can quickly determine close contacts in the case of an exposure during programming.  We will plan to cohort participants to small groups for partner work to minimize contacts.  If students prefer not to participate in partner activities, that will be accommodated.
  • We are planning to return to “more normal” activities including partner work, sparring, and pad work, which we very much missed last year.  Equipment such as focus miss and kicking shields will be cleaned every class.
  • To minimize common equipment, students should bring their own hand pads to class.  Students who do not own hand pads can pay a $20 deposit to rent a set for the session.  This will be refunded at the end of the session when the hand pads are returned in good condition. 

All fees are due by September 21st.  Please speak with Sensei Kaeli if you require a modified fee schedule.  Please note that fees have changed since last year.  Please refer to the website for updated class fees.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. 

We are looking forward to a safe and productive training year! 

Fall 2021 – Registration Open

We are especially looking forward to getting back to training in the dojo this fall! We have a schedule and times booked. We will be starting back in the Dojo on Tuesday September 14th. We are excited to train with both past and new students and can once again increase class size and participate fully in all aspects of our karate training of basics and kata but now once again including pad work, partner work and sparring.

As of now (Aug 17th) there are no provincial health mandates regarding Covid-19 for sport. All instructors are fully vaccinated and we will continue with class sign in for contract tracing but at this time no additional measures will be taken. We will stay up to date on all provincial recommendations and mandates and recognize that our policies could change at any time going forward.

I hope everyone is enjoying summer and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Sensei Jon and Sensei Kaeli

Fall 2020 – COVID 19 – UPDATE

Hello Karate families. I hope everyone has had a restful and enjoyable summer. 

This fall is presenting some unique challenges in all areas.  At this time there are still a lot of unknowns. Schools and other organizations are all trying their best to balance learning and safety around new policy and procedure changes. At this time, with so many unknowns and changes being implemented, it is impossible to say what karate will look like for our club going forward.  We are waiting for information from our facility about whether or not the rental space will be available or if we will need to look for a new location to operate out of, and if we are able to resume classes at some point, what procedures we will have to follow. We will likely need some help from parents to implement the recommendations for a safe return to indoor training. If you are interested in assisting with that process, please let Sensei Jon know. 

We have made the difficult decision to begin this year with a digital class platform. I am sure many of you (and myself included) would like to get back to training as usual. We will continue to monitor guidelines and changes and will move to cohorted in-person training when we are confident it is safe to do so. At this time I am hoping we will be able to get back in the dojo together next term in January. I know digital instruction is not ideal in many ways, so for this term we will reduce our registration fees and offer 2 training sessions/ week. 

We will be streaming the classes using Zoom to avoid some of the technical difficulties experienced with the classes in the spring.  Also classes will be offered 2 nights a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning September 22 and ending December 10 with Grading on December 15 (in person or online).  Cost will be $80/student.  

Fundamentals Class will run from 6:30-7:15.  All students are encouraged to attend this class.  This time will focus on the basic skills of stance, blocks, strikes and kicks, as well as entry level katas.  Feedback and coaching for this time period will be focused on white/yellow belt students.

There will be a 15 min break (or extra time if Sensei Jon gets on a roll about something)

Advanced Class will run from 7:30-8:30 with the option to extend to 9 for senior students.

This time will focus on advanced basics, sparring drills, and advanced kata.  Coaching and feedback during this time will be focused on Orange – Brown belt students.

We are planning to run an outdoor physical distanced kick off class on Tuesday September 22, weather permitting.  More information will be sent out to registered students via email.

2019 Fall Session

Its time to get back to training. Fall Karate session starts Sept. 10th and we are excited. Classes and Fees are the same as last year. Times have not changed.

We are running Tuesday Nights.

Jr. / Family Class 6:30-7:30 and Adult / Adv. Jr. Class 7:30 – 9:00.

Sign up for some great training and fun!